International economics: innovative technological development

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WHY study the International Semester Programme at the department of World and Regional Economy?

- This unique programme is aimed at the analysis and forecast of innovative technological development of national economies in line with the trends of the global economy; provision of expertise in high-tech production, information, consultancy, and other services which stimulate the launch of innovative products in the markets.

- The programme is recognized as a semester abroad for foreign participants and a preparation for international academic mobility for Russian participants increasing opportunities to participate in international research projects and international grants.

- The programme ensures the development of professional intercultural communication skills in the English language, which provides Russian and foreign graduates with an additional advantage in the international labour market.

Objectives of the International Semester:

- To enhance professional competences of economics students who are thinking of employment by international companies in Russia and by Russian companies and organizations involved in international cooperation;

- To study theories explaining the essence and the character of economic processes in the global economy taking into account science-intensive production, the infrastructure of innovative national systems and practices reflecting the theoretical aspects of the economic agents’ activity.

- To provide the participants with professional intercultural competences of business communication in Russia with representatives of other cultures when solving a wide range of professional management tasks.